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My well-fed fat face

The dip

I take a dip. This is new, mainly because I never had a pool…but now I do. I jump into the water early in the morning and put my goggles on. I swim under the water because it is quiet and it makes me feel like I am flying, also, I hate doing laps, water enters every hole and I’m easily bored.

The change in temperature wakes me up and after a very short underwater swim my mood is elevated. Exercise has saved my life, more than once. There were no pills when I was young, and even though I was light years from what anyone would call an athlete, I could move with ease.

I would run out my anger, my darkness, my loneliness. If I was in a raw mood, I would run so hard I would say to myself, if I die…good. But I never did, and in the process, bought myself another day.

So…the dip. Our family would stop at Blacks Harbour to take the boat to Grand Manan. One time someone told me an old man would go to the end of the peer and jump off, then swim to shore and go home, every morning. That stuck with me, why would he do that? Now I know, jump or die, or, jump and die, either way, he always bought himself another day. I am now that old man…ish.

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